The Needleworks has moved from New Hartford to Northfield (about a twenty-minute ride). It will continue to be a family business. Participating in varying capacities will be my wife Jan, her sister and brother, our sons, daughters-in-law, and our grandchildren.

I first met Needleworks founder Charlie Fitzgerald when Jan (an avid rug-hooker and proud owner of one of his earlier frames) met Charlie's wife Shirley in her hooking group many years ago. Since Charlie and I have been woodworkers most of our lives, Jan and Shirley were both accustomed to, but not particularly happy about, sawdust in the kitchen, wood shavings in the laundry, and slivers in the carpet. Nevertheless, I am pleased to say that Charlie and Shirley thought of Jan and me when Charlie decided to hang up his apron.

Very little will change. Through this website we can keep you posted on what we are doing with photos and product information. The girls are planning a blog to exchange rug-hooking stories and experiences. We might expand our product line a little, but the wonderful rug-hooking frames that everyone loves so much will continue to be of the same high quality and dependability.

Up until now, all of Charlie's orders came by word-of-mouth since he did not advertise. Generally, new customers were already familiar with the product. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see and examine a Fitzgerald frame, we make them out of solid maple with a clear finish. When you place your pattern over the octagonal frame, it is held securely by gripper strips, (much like Velcro) and the whole octagon can rotate 360 degrees. The cantilever design allows your work to hang freely in front of you without legs to get in your way. Both the 12- inch lap frame and the 16- inch stand-mounted frame fold up compactly for storage or transport.

Charlie was an engineer up until his first retirement and, judging by the design of his creations, he must have been a very good one and, actually, he still is. He has promised to remain available for future improvements and perhaps even develop new products for us to manufacture. (Now that he has all this free time on his hands).

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you!


Darryl S. Nicholson